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International Courier service, is a part and parcel in Shipment services by shipping goods that include anything from consumer and capital goods to cars, spare parts and engines. We also ship foods, feeds and beverages, as well as industrial supplies and materials. We offer better shipment once we know the details of the shipping material, as a part of custom clearance by getting permit or licence and also check whether the cargo is shipped in dedicated containers. Our courier services, manage every stage of the process, from preliminary price negotiations to execution of the assignment. We handle our cargo from door to door virtually, anywhere in the world especially to United states of America(USA), ensuring better efficiency, more cost saving and up to date information about the status of shipments.

Shipping to India from US, is much more complicated because of the the United States Department of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) enforces laws and regulations for all goods departing the United states of America(USA). But, International Courier Service contains information about export control responsibilities and which government agencies have them through its network of agents and friends in the world.

Process of Shipping

The process of our shipping begins once the formalities of shipment is fulfilled. Upon submitting your quote outlining the location of the goods, the product you plan to ship, we decide the size of the container and send our truck driver to your location along with an empty container, which is then filled and sealed if it’s a door to door service. Once that’s done, the driver heads to the departure port for loading of the container. From there, it’s on its way to US(United states Of America) for unloading and pickup. Our Courier service personnels provide the appropriate documents such as custom clearance certificate,etc, in an effort to meet all export compliance standards in USA. Thereafter the Container containing the consignment gets loaded into a truck, which is made to reach the destination as specified in the consignment, as a part of door to delivery. Thus, our courier personnels strive hard and play a vital role in executing the tasks and fulfilling the consignments upto the satisfaction of the recipient. Our success and achievements are because of your trust and belief vested in us and we’ll try to flourish our services globally.

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